BinderKeeper Logo BinderKeeper: The Automatic Binder Transfer Service for SurePrep

Streamline and automate the transfer of your completed SurePrep binders to your secure storage location.

Transfer binders to your Google drive or drop them directly into your established internal or cloud document management system (DMS) via a custom integration.

With set-up done via Google account authentication and login, all that’s needed is your Google account email address and your SurePrep credentials to get started. Neither your credentials nor your files are stored on BinderKeeper, maintaining your encrypted security every step of the way.

  • No more scrambling to make sure your binders are safe & sound when they’re deleted from SurePrep
  • High-impact people can focus on high-impact tasks and let technology manage file transfers
  • Encrypted file transfer to your document management system is safe & secure
  • Login to your own Status Console to keep track of what’s been transferred
encrypted & secure
from Infinity Interative